This beautiful island is situated in the open Libyan Sea just a day trip from Ierapetra Crete.
The isalnd is unique with tropical clearblue water, the protected forest with large juniper trees and the thousands of broken shells that make the sand pinkish.

Chrissi – the Greek word for golden due to the white sand that covers the entire island and comes mainly from shell debris.

After your day trip to the Carribean Island of Chrissi – cool down in the shadow at our restaurant and watch the breathtaking lights while the dawn arises.

MOONRISE: We are situated at the beach promenadenext to the sea. Don’t miss the breathtaking spectacle of the purple moon rising from the see in front of our restaurant.

Chrissi 783
chrissi air two
chrissi from high
chrissi gold beach
chrissi south beach
chrissi-island forest
Chrissi Island Gaidouronisi IERAPETRA CRETE